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  • Individual membership details

A library must fill in the online subscription form and send it directly to the AUC administration attached by a random sample of its bibliographic records located in its local databases.

 Consequently, the library can be approved and given an approval number; otherwise, it is being disapproved as a member.

Participated libraries are currently welcome to print out the membership form attached by the type of subscription, and then they send them to the following mail:

King Abdulaziz Public Library, Khres Branch, Second Floor, Riyadh – King Abdullah Fistrict – Khres Road, in front of the General Headquarter of the National Guard – beside King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz Foundation Dedicated to his Parents for Development Housing.

P. O. BOX 86486
Riyadh 11622
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Opening an account :

After receiving the membership request, the AUC creates a membership certificate to the library. As a result, an account can be opened to the library so as it can benefit from the AUC system. A demo account can be sent as well to train the library's catalogers to use the AUC. Then, the certificate, the account, the manuals, the publications, the documents that guarantee a positive exploitation of the AUC will be sent to the library. All data of the demo account will be sent via email.


Participated libraries :

This type does not require to having a committee approval, but it is suffice to fill in a membership request form only and send it to the AUC administration of subscriptions to become a participated library. Hence, an account will be opened by click here and fill in the form to download a membership request form.