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Arabic Union Catalog Journey

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Individuals' Membership

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The Arab Union Catalog provide services ,covering all the needs of their own users

Arab Publisher's Membership

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It is an annual membership to the Unified Arab Catalog directed at publishing institutions that enables them to benefit from a variety of services in order to market their publications and support

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Libraries & Organizations Membership

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The members of Union Arabic Catalog get the following services: original cataloging, downloading cataloging records, adding local data, reference

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Arab Authors' Membership

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The Arab author's Service is a free online service offered by the Arab Union catalog for the benefit of Arab authors and creators in general and

Services for Libraries & Organizations

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It is a service of introducing an integrating collection of advanced training courses in all kinds

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Offsite Cataloging This service is offered by the Arabic Union Catalog (AUC) and represented in

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This service is dedicated to updating and enriching authority data of the member libraries. Whereas

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books bibliographic records of a library from AACR2 to RDA rules including a change in the level of

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The Cloud Digital Library is an innovative service presented by the Arabic Union Catalog to its

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This service provides access to specialized bibliographies in specific fields and topics suggested

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This service provides evaluative and analytical reports on the coverage range of the Arabic

This service is responsible for reclassifying collections of a member library either by converting

Digital Library

Most viewed collections on the digital library

Arabic Union Catalog Academy

Arabic Union Catalog in Numbers




A Bibliographic And Authority Record


Knowledge Foundation


Central and Subsidiary Library

Arabic Union Catalog Blog

 The Blog issued by the Arabic Union Catalog that publishes the most important articles that express the index's point of view regarding the technical treatment of the Arab information container with the aim of codifying practices and making the treatment conform to international standards.

Latest News



Launch of the Arabic Chinese Digital Library On the sidelines of the eighth ministerial meeting of the Arab-China Cooperation Forum Beijing, 10 July 2018


AUC held three training courses are held in cataloging using RDA