Bibliographic records of the Arabic Union Catalog are characterized by high quality since they are conforming to international standards in terms of automated processing and bibliographic information exchange, especially the following standards :

Applying the latest edition of MARC 21 for automated cataloging in terms of fields, indicators and subfields of variable fields. Also, a special attention has been drawn to fixed-length fields due to their high importance in automated processing of bibliographic records, like creating indexes and sorting…etc which are usually neglected by catalogers.

Applying the latest edition of AACR2 in terms of descriptive cataloging, formulating entries, printing spaces and punctuations.

Applying AUC practices in authority entries and featured specificities of Arabic book; e.g., Hijri chronicle. These practices have been created based on international experiences, like the experience of Library of Congress and Arab experiences in descriptive and subjective cataloging, taking into account the characteristics of the Arabic book and Arabic as well.