During building up the AUC database, the best international standards and the greatest international experiences have been adopted, especially the bibliographic description and formulating authority entries. With taking into account specification of Arabic book and Arab and Islamic culture, which are :

  • Approving and arabizing all synthetic standards formats of MARC 21 (bibliographic, authority, Dewey Decimal System data, and acquisition data)
  • Approving updating AACR2, its 2002 revised version, and its 2005 updates.
  • Approving Dewey Decimal System, 21st edition.
  • Developing a set of cataloging rules through explaining public rules of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules as practices suit the Arab book.
  • Developing a set of standard rules to create subjects authority files, organization names, personal names, uniform titles, and serials with taking into account international rules and practices, especially Anglo-American rules and LOC practices.